Thinker, My Puppy Poet and Me

By Eloise Greenfield . Tiny Owl. £9.99 9781910328330.

Highly commended for the CLiPPA 2019

A puppy who is a poet knows he has joined the right human family when they choose to name him Thinker. Seven-year-old Jace is a poet too and these appealing poems detail their dialogue as they share ‘word-music’ through their poetry. Ehsan Abdollahi’s collage illustrations, depicting an African-American family, are an attractive complement to the variety of verse forms which culminate in ‘Thinker’s Rap’.


'Tell Me, Jace' and 'Jace's Answer' by Eloise Greenfield

Tell Me Jace and Jace's Answer

'You Can Go' - Eloise Greenfield

You Can Go

'My Brother' by Eloise Greenfield

My Brother

'In The Park 1 & 2' by Eloise Greenfield

In the Park 1 & 2

'Thinker's Rap' by Eloise Greenfield

Thinker's Rap

'Two Poets Talking' by Eloise Greenfield

Two Poets Talking