ALCS Resources on Copyright in the Classroom


As part of our commitment to fostering an awareness of authors’ rights, CLPE worked with the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society on a number of resources aimed specifically at educating people about copyright.

These guides will help you check that you are using texts in your schools correctly and fairly to those that produce them.

In the links below, you can find downloads of the copyright education leaflets and information booklets we produced in partnership with ALCS, aimed at different age groups. They will help you to understand for yourself and to teach your students:

• what copyright is

• what works are covered by copyright

• why copyright is important to writers/creators

• why copyright should be important to people as creators themselves

• what teachers can/can’t do with copyright works

• legitimate ways of accessing copyrighted work in the digital environment


Copyright and how it helps creators


Ownership by Karl Nova - an original poem for ALCS