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Created: 8th November, 2022

CLPE wins Teach Primary Award for Power of Pictures

We are thrilled to announce that we have won the Teach Primary Award in Best CPD for our Power of Pictures Training Programme and Resources

CLPE’s Power of Pictures programme and resources support teachers in developing an understanding of the importance of visual literacy in developing readers, the importance of illustration as a way of developing writing and the craft of picture book creation to develop children’s engagement and attainment in literacy.

“This is a resource of which every primary school should be made aware, and that could be incorporated into a well-sequenced curriculum. In Power of Pictures, books become more than an inanimate object on a shelf and become a living breathing process that goes beyond traditional lesson sequences.” - THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL-BASED TEACHER TRAINERS (NASBTT) 


The training programme is delivered annually and is taught with award-winning illustrators. This years training begins on 27th April and is being taught with Nadia Shireen, award-winning illustrator of books including The Bumblebear, Billy and the Beast and Barbara Throws a Wobbler. Find out more. 

The Power of Pictures programme offers free teaching resources for all teachers. These resources are created by CLPE in partnership with practicing author/illustrators. Each set of resources focuses on a specific picturebook and its author/illustrator creator. The teaching plans and supporting author videos provide teachers with units of work, which support pupils to understand the purpose of picturebooks and how they are constructed and to use this knowledge to inspire, influence and enhance teachers and children’s own creative practices. Discover these free resources now...

The Teach Primary Awards help teachers seek out the very best educational resources to support their KS1 and KS2 pupils - with quality determined by a panel of primary experts and educators. The expert panel of judges chose our Power of Pictures Training Programme as the overall winner in the CPD category.


More about the Power of Pictures training programme: 

The Power of Pictures is a project designed to help teachers use picturebooks across a primary school, to enhance children’s reading comprehension and visual literacy skills and develop an authentic process for writing in the classroom by working in partnership with children’s author/illustrators. The project was originally devised by CLPE Learning and Programme Director Charlotte Hacking and author/illustrator and CLPE Patron, Ed Vere in 2013 and funded by the Arts Council England. It has involved a range of prestigious children’s author/illustrators including Benji Davies, Viviane Schwarz and Ken Wilson-Max.

Since then, the project has been part of an Education Endowment Foundation Trial which proved the positive impact on children’s writing outcomes. Children that completed the Power of Pictures sessions made one month’s additional progress in writing, with a month’s additional progress for children on Free School Meals, and 2 months additional progress in ideation for writing and writing self-efficacy.

In 2022, Charlotte was awarded the Anna Craft Creativities in Education Prize by the British Educational Research Association (BERA) for her work on the Power of Pictures.

Find out more about the Power of Pictures...