Independent Booksellers


Although we have a wonderful Literacy Library and give out books on our training programmes and courses, we are not a bookseller. We do have relationships with many booksellers and we would encourage you to do the same. 


If you click on the link in the description of books listed on our website then you can purchase the book from LoveReading4Kids.  If you purchase through LoveReading and register your school you will get 25% of the cover price of the book back for a school of your choice (you choose the school at the checkout).  If you use any of the links on our site, our charity also benefits from you using this affiliate link.  We are an affiliate of LoveReading because we know schools don’t have the budget for books that they would like, and this is an effective way of you maximising your book budget. Parents can buy from the site as well and nominate your school at the checkout earning you 25% of every book they buy. 

Our partner booksellers

We work with Letterbox Library who are a long-established bookseller and not-for-profit social enterprise who work with teachers, librarians and parents to bring them the best in inclusive children's books.  Letterbox Library stock our Power of Reading bookpacks and exclusively jointly curated Reflecting Realities bookpacks. All these packs are discounted for schools. 

We also work with Peters Books in Birmingham who are a specialist schools supplier.  Our School Members get a 30% discount on selected books from Peters and they also provide packs of our recommended titles. 

We work with a range of booksellers when we have face-to-face events including Jubilee Books, The Children’s Bookshop, Tales on Moon Lane, and many more. 

Independent bookshops

Establishing a relationship with a local independent children’s bookseller can bring many benefits for a school. Sales through bookshops like these are much better for authors and they're much better for the local community. We highly recommend that you contact your chosen independent bookshop and establish terms regarding supply, delivery and educational discounts. Most bookshops provide a wish list service, and many offer additional services such as book covering and assistance with author visits. 

Here is a map of local independent bookshops, which you can use to find a children's bookseller in your area. This has been produced by Jon Biddle, Years 5/6 teacher & English coordinator at Moorlands Church of England Primary Academy and is used on our site with his kind permission.  

We have also curated a list of online and travelling booksellers which you can download from the bottom of this page.