CLPE English Curriculum Maps


The CLPE English Curriculum Maps have been devised to support schools in developing a text-based English Curriculum.

These Curriculum Maps demonstrate how you can develop children’s understanding of literary forms, wider knowledge of the world, empathy for the human experience and language competency by working with quality texts through our carefully crafted planning sequences. They show how language, grammar, phonics and spelling can be contextualised in meaningful ways and how to plan for progression; enabling children to work at greater depth in both reading and writing.

They provide a model for schools to develop their own curriculum maps, based on their own text choices and what they offer in terms of breadth of literary form as well as writing opportunities; across each year group and throughout the Primary School experience.

They highlight only a sample of over 230 Power of Reading books and associated planning sequences that our members can access to suit the needs of your own children and the context within which you work. 

Our experienced teaching team can provide In School Consultancy for schools in developing their own curriculum maps, based on the full range of texts and planning sequences available. 



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