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Use the Power of Reading to develop your school's English Curriculum:

CLPE school membership enables access to our Power of Reading book recommendations and teaching resources. The Power of Reading enables Primary schools to build a quality book-based English curriculum across all Key Stages. 

The CLPE English curriculum maps have been devised to support Primary schools in developing a quality book-based English Curriculum, centred around the Power of Reading.  

These English curriculum maps demonstrate how you can select books and plan for progression within and across year groups to develop children’s experience and understanding of a range of literary forms, wider knowledge of the world, empathy for the human experience and language competency.  

They provide a model for schools to develop their own English curriculum maps, based on text choices that would best suit the needs, interests and experiences of their own children. 

In engaging with the Power of Reading training, teachers and English Leads are supported further to consider how they might design an English curriculum that: 

  • Provides pupils in each year group with exposure to a broad range of literary forms, such as at least one form of fiction (picturebooks, short stories and novels); a poetry collection or anthology; a traditional tale; and a non-fiction text. 

  • Offers opportunity for progression and challenge (for example, how a book at the start of the year can support transition, while one at the end might build stamina). 

  • Ensures that there is a balance of human themes, cross-curricular opportunities and forms of extended writing outcomes. 

  • Represents the diversity of lived experience in the school community and in wider society. 

By working with the recommended book in depth, our carefully crafted teaching sequences show how language is shaped; grammatical choices can be made for effect; and phonics and spelling can be contextualised in rich and meaningful ways, enabling children to work at greater depth in both reading and writing.

Four free examples of what this looks like in practice for different Key Stages can be viewed in the supporting materials below.

CLPE’s English Curriculum Maps highlight just a sample of the Power of Reading books and associated teaching sequences that our member schools can choose from on our Power of Reading website to suit the needs of their own children and the context within which they work. 

Because we introduce new books and associated teaching sequences to each Key Stage every year, we regularly review the Power of Reading content. We will revise these English Curriculum maps every summer to reflect this and we recommend that our member schools do so too.  

By regularly introducing contemporary books into the English curriculum, we can best ensure that we meet the needs and interests of our children and can continue to reflect their realities in rich and representative ways. 

In addition to the Power of Reading Membership and Training, our experienced teaching team can provide support for schools in developing their own curriculum maps, based on the full range of books and planning sequences available. Please see our Consultancy pages for more information.  

See how a curriculum built on the Power of Reading makes impact on children by watching the film below, created by Hope Primary School in Knowsley, one of our network of Associate Schools.



Take a look inside Hope Primary in Knowsley - A CLPE Associate School



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