Poem from Let in the Stars by Mandy Coe

My Wipwapwop, it cost a lot
I keep it up my sleeve
it's great for surfing on the spot
and playing make believe.
It's sleek and snug and mine to hug
to fuggle and to frowse,
I give it sweets, fresh bugs to tweet
and smarticles to browse.
Its fur's all soft and snootable
its workings quite inscrutable
but fundrous to behold,
its buttons bling, its nodals sing
invincible and bold.
ilove its pod, its nanonoo
icrave its little frunes
but more than anything ilove
its mazy little tunes.
It cost a lot, my Wipwapwop
but I'm totally conversion
until the day, that grabcious day
they bring out a newer version.



Jennifer Watson - Wipwapwop

Jennifer Watson - Wipwapwop