When I Wake Up

I am on the bathroom floor
Tippi shaking me back into the world.

She sighs
When I blink
and squeezes me.
'I'm OK,'
I manage
pounding feet beat against the hardwood floor
in the hall.

Dragon is at the door,
a blusher brush in hand,
which she is waving like a wand
and shouting,
'What the hell happened?'

'I slipped,' I whisper.

'Really?' Dragon asks,
hands on hips,
looking like Mom.

'Yes,' I lie, 'I slipped,'
and hanging on to the sink,
drag myself and Tippi up from the cold,
bathroom floor.

Dragon is frowning

'She slipped,' Tippi says.







Sarah Crossan - When I wake up

Sarah Crossan - When I Wake Up