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Pirate Pete

Poem from Zim Zam Zoom! by James Carter

Pirate Pete

had a ship on the sea

had a fish for his tea

had a peg for a knee


        and a tiny parrot called...Polly


Pirate Pete

had a book with a map

had a skull on his cap

had a cat on his lap


        and another pirate called...Dolly


Pirate Pete

had a trunk full of treasure

had a belt made of leather

had a cap with a feather


        and another little parrot called...Jolly


Pirate Pete

had a patch on his eye

had a flag he would fly

had a plank way up high


        and another little parrot called...Molly


                  So Pirate Pete

                    and the parrots four

                       they sailed the world

                         from shore to shore -

                           collecting gold

                             and gifts galore.


                               And that's their tale -

                                 there is no more!