Lesser Known, But Not Less Important

From Things You Find in a Poet's Beard by A.F. Harrold


If you think the tooth fairy has it tough

spare a thought for the Finger Nail Pixie

who has to collect cast off nail clippings.


And then there’s the Ear Wax Leprechaun

who scrapes the topsides of pillows

and the Left Over Elf who scrapes plates.


Not forgetting the poor old Bogey Boggart

and the dread-inducing Dandruff Banshee

whose screams foretell a fall of hair snow.


Looking sad’s the Belly-Button Fluff Gargoyle

who waits on rooftops to collect drifting fluff,

of which, up there, there’s never very much.


And finally there’s the pesky Eyeball Sprite

who collects eyeballs that fall out in the night.

He catches them in his silky paws and juggles.