I am angry

Poem from A Great Big Cuddle by Michael Rosen

I am angry. really angry. angry,
angry, angry. I'm so angry
I'll jump up and down. I roll on the ground
Make a din. Make you spin
Pull out my hair. Throw you in the air
Pull down posts. Hunt down ghosts
Scare spiders.Scare tigers
Pull up trees. Bully bees
Rattle the radiators. Frighten alligators
Cut down flowers. Bring down towers
Bang all the bones. Wake up stones
Shake the tiles. Stop all smiles
Silence birds. Boil words
Mash up names. Grind up games
Crush tunes. Squash moons
Make giants run. Terrify the sun
Turn the sky red. And then go to bed.



Michael Rosen - I am angry

Michael Rosen - I am angry