I am a guillemot
I use my bill a lot
I get the fish out of the wet
I eat my fill a lot.
I live on ledges

Vertical Edges

Eating-wise, I do not know what veg is.
Don't give me sherbet
Give me a turbot
My appetite for fish, I cannot curb't
Here's lines more
in the manner of George Herbert:
The fish it swimmith unaware
And rumbled
I tumble
towards my prey
My instincts I obey.

From water to the stifling air
I'll whip the whipper-snap away
I am a guillemot
I know the drill a lot
I drill into the drink
And get the ink
And not the drink
Upon my quill a lot
So, don't you thrill a lot?

Well, listen humans, very soon you will a lot
Did you know that I can go so deep
I've been seen
From the porthole of submerged submarine,
a hundred and thirty metres under?
I don't think so
Miss it and blink so
I come in hard and I am able to sink so.

I am a guillemot

I do my perchin'
And my researchin'
Then underneath I go, I'm no sea urchin
I am a diver
Underneath I go
I am no skiver
I am a guillemot
I find the fishes ten to lose one-nil a lot
But I only take what I need
I'm not a GREEDY bird
I am sustainable
I am a guillemot

I am homeless
But I'm not gormless

I sleep rough.
I've got no stuff.
But what I am will always be enough.
I am homeless, but I'm not gormless.
I can go so quick, it's almost like I'm formless
I am a guillemot

I don't do nesting
When I am resting
I can sleep while I am standing on one leg
And so it doesn't roll off
When I stretch my wings 
Or stroll off
I've got an egg that's conical and eccentrically weighted
so that it doesn't fall off the edge of the cliff
I am a guillemot
I don't eat Trill a lot
I do my speccy reccy from my rocky window sill a lot
I am a guillemot
am I not.



John Hegley - Guillemot