Flying Machine

Poem from Blue Balloons and Rabbit Ears by Hilda Offen

I've just invented a flying machine;
It's silver and gold and three shades of green.

Its wings are constructed from feathers and silk;
its engine is simple; it's fuelled by milk.
Just pour it in here, and press 'Go' and hold tight – Blast off! We're travelling faster than light.
The seat's made of velvet,
The cockpit's a dream;
You just press this button
And out squirts ice-cream.
Imagine the cheers
When I touch down at school.
It's brilliant! It's stream-lined!
It's stunning! It's cool!

I'm pleased with my plans – 
They're a real work of art.
Now I've got to start building – Hmmm! Where do I start?



Hilda Offen - Flying Machine

Hilda Offen - Flying Machine