Matt Goodfellow
Created: 7th July, 2021

Matt Goodfellow

Matt is a former primary school teacher and now full-time poet and has published various poetry collections including Caterpillar Cake, and Chicken on the Roof.  He is a National Poetry Day Ambassador. Matt's collection of poems Bright Bursts of Colour was shortlisted for the CLiPPA 2021. His latest collection Caterpillar Cake is shortlisted for the CLiPPA 2022. He is co-author with Liz Brownlee and Laura Mucha of Being Me: Poems About Thoughts, Worries and Feelings(Otter-Barry Books 2021) an anthology of 45 poems which has also been shortlisted for the CLiPPA 2022. Matt's collection of poems Let's Chase Stars Together  was shortlisted for the CLiPPA 2023.

Matt’s verse novel The Final Year, illustrated by Joe Todd-Stanton was shortlisted in 2024 for the CLiPPA, and he and its editor, Charlotte Hacking for the Branford-Boase Award.

Matt posts at @EarlyTrain and his website is at, where among other things you can find about the visits and workshops he offers schools.


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