Sue Hardy-Dawson - National Poetry Day 2018
Created: 11th September, 2018

The Seamstress



Each night I pull threads of birds

shake them loose; unpick the skies


dappled husks of thrush and wren

mulberry silk from blackbird eyes


unlacing swathed loops of swifts

tangled ropes of swallows flight


I wind wet weather onto spools

collect the crystal beads of rain


unknot sleet, smooth soft snow

roll rainbows onto coloured skeins


Lastly, smoggy chimney smoke

chalky trails from tails of planes


I clean and press, sew, repair

bring out sky’s box; put away


strips of darkness; unpinned stars,

fraying shadows, darned in grey.


Then I card, spin; weave again,

and sit up till dawn, stitching day.


©Sue Hardy- Dawson from If I Were Other Than Myself (Troika Books)


Sue Hardy-Dawson - The Seamstress poem for National Poetry Day 2018