Stormbreaker graphic.jpg
Created: 14th August, 2015

Stormbreaker: The Graphic Novel

Author: Anthony Horowitz
Illustrator: Antony Johnston, Kanako and Yuzuru
Publisher: Walker

An action-packed adaptation of the first book in a series about Alex Rider, a schoolboy recruited as a spy by MI6 after the death of his uncle. Equipped with multifarious gadgets (he is shown visiting a secret department in a well-known toy store!) he has to save the world from a computer virus which promises to become more than a virtual reality. The full length novel is:

Stormbreaker (9781406388589), Walker £7.99

The second, third, fourth and fifth books are also available as graphic novels:

Point Blanc (9781406366334), Walker £12.99

Skeleton Key (9781406366341), Walker £12.99

Eagle Strike (9781406366358), Walker £12.99

Scorpia, illustrated by Emma Vieceli (9781406341881), Walker £12.99