Effective Spelling - one day INSET


Drawing on CLPE’s Understanding Spelling research, this course will consider effective approaches and strategies to support the teaching and learning of spelling across the primary years

It will encourage teachers to think about their current approach to spelling, looking at strategies and approaches to improve and enhance this teaching to ensure children become confident, effective spellers, in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Throughout the day, teachers will explore how children learn to spell effectively and the implications of this for teaching practice. They will investigate how words came into the English language and how a focus on morphology and etymology can not only improve children's understanding of how words are spelt, but also their meaning. They will look at how to develop classroom literacy environments and routines in order to support all children to learn to spell effectively.  

The training day will focus on the following key areas:

  • Understanding the spelling process and how learning to spell develops for children at different stages
  • Building knowledge of how to adapt classroom cultures and practices to best support children as developing spellers
  • Exploring how to contextualise the teaching of spelling in a literature rich context  

Individual schools wishing to partake in INSET days will have the option to select a date focused on this area. To book, please complete our booking enquiry form