Literacy Library Presents...Unsung Stories

19th October, 2020 - 17:00 pm to 18:30 pm
Price: £10.00

Raising the Profile of Marginalised Voices in British History and Children’s Historical Fiction      

Join an esteemed panel of authors Bali Rai, E.L Norry and Leila Rasheed in conversation with the prolific writer and editor Tony Bradman. The panel will discuss their contributions to the Scholastic historical fiction Voices series, which aims to bring to light a diverse range of stories of the past from the viewpoints of young people of the time. Each title centres the narrative on a character of colour from different periods in British history allowing the opportunity for young readers to experience this presence and more widely challenge any misconceived notions that lead to the erasure of people of colour in recollections of the past. The panel will reflect on the motivation and necessity of having these stories told and discuss how they contribute to the acknowledgement and normalisation of marginalised communities as valid and valued parts of the historical fabric of our society.  

CLPE’s Katie Myles, will share our most recent research into the varying quality of portrayals of individuals of colour in children’s historical fiction as detailed in the second Reflecting Realities survey. They will also share insights gleaned from work with teachers as part of CLPE’s professional development course delivered in partnership with Tony Bradman and titled Historical Enquiry through Quality Fiction.

Date: Monday 19th October 2020

Time: 5:00pm to 6:30pm

Registration will be via Zoom. Please follow the instructions in your confirmation email and ensure that you register well in advance of the event start time.

Tickets for this event are £10.