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Created: 13th May, 2022

Get involved in the CLiPPA Shadowing Scheme 2022!

The CLiPPA encourages schools to explore the shortlist with their pupils through its Shadowing Scheme, each year prompting poetry performances in hundreds of classrooms across the UK. The Shadowing Scheme is free for schools and launches on 17th May 2022.

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Shadowing Scheme Timeline for the CLiPPA 2022:

  • 17th May - Shadowing Scheme begins! Download the relevant free teaching sequence to use in your class to allow you to shadow the shortlisted books. Use this sequence over a 3 week period and enter videos of your students poetry performances for your chance to win.   
  • 15th June - Shadowing Scheme closes. Make sure to submit your poetry performances by this date.
  • 8th July -  CLiPPA Award Ceremony 2022. Winning Shadowing Schools will get the chance to perform on the Queen Elizabeth Hall stage in London!

How to get involved: 

1) Download the free resources for the CLiPPA 2022 shortlisted book you would like to shadow with your class. Discover an exclusive discount on the shortlisted CLiPPA books from Peters...

2) Plan to use these resources over a 2-3 week period in your class between now and 15th June.

3) Allow individuals or groups of children to choose a favourite poem from a shortlisted collection and work this up as a performance. The teaching notes will give you the opportunity to do this

4) Video the performances, reflect on these together and pick the best ones to send to the judging panel at CLPE

5) Name the video file(s) using the following convention: School Name_Year Group_Shortlisted Book (e.g. StMarysBristol_Year2_Caterpillar). Email the video(s) to using a large file transfer service - we recommend WeTransfer - no later than 5pm on 15th June 2022. Make sure you complete the CLiPPA consent form and send this with your entry. Download this below. 

The Shadowing Scheme Deadline for Entries is on Wednesday 15th June.

Submit your entries by this date - don't miss out on your chance to win the CLiPPA Shadowing Scheme 2022.

A shadowing winner will be chosen for each shortlisted collection. Shadowing Scheme winners will be announced on the 17th June 2022 and will get the chance to perform at the Southbank Centre in London. 

Any questions about this year's Shadowing Scheme, get in contact with us...


The CLiPPA is supported by Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) and Arts Council England. This year CLiPPA has partnered with The Times and The Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival.

Our CLiPPA partner ALCS have created free Copyright in the Classroom guides for both children and teachers. These guides will help you check that you are using texts in your school correctly and fairly to those that produce them.

Download the ALCS copyright guides now...