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Created: 2nd November, 2017

Rabbit & Bear: Rabbit's Bad Habits

Author: Julian Gough
Illustrator: Jim Field
Publisher: Hodder

Bear wakes up from her hibernation early to find snow on the ground and meets the grumpy and rather self-important although apparently very knowledgeable Rabbit. Bear soon starts to learn about gravity, avalanches, why rabbits eat their own poo… Rabbit has surreptitiously stolen Bear’s Winter food hoard but his survival instincts don’t extend to easy escape when a wolf appears. Bear’s intervention and generous nature lead to a lasting friendship between the pair as they contemplate the snowy landscape from the mouth of a cave and consider creating a companion for their Snow Man.

Rabbit and Bear’s resume in Spring in: Rabbit & Bear: The Pest in the Nest (9781444921717), Hodder £5.99; continue into Summer in Rabbit & Bear: Attack of the Snack (9781444921724), Hodder £5.99; and Autumn in Rabbit & Bear: A Bite in the Night (9781444921748), Hodder £5.99.

Rabbit and Bear: A Sad King is a Bad Thing (9781444937466), Hodder £9.99, is due for publication in August 2021.


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