Created: 2nd May, 2018

A Poem for Every Night of the Year

Author: Allie Esiri
Illustrator: Zanna Goldhawk
Publisher: Macmillan




Years 5 and 6



A terrific compendium of modern and classical poetry, encompassing sad and serious, light-hearted and happy verses and ranging across a variety of forms. Dip in at random or by choosing a special date and find an old favourite friend or make an unexpected new acquaintance. Sometimes consecutive poems are unconnected, sometimes a poem is followed by another with a similar theme or written by the same poet. Each poem is preceded by a note that contextualises it. A source book for every classroom along with subsequently published volumes:

A Poem for Every Day of the Year (9781509860548), Macmillan £19.99

Shakespeare for Every Day of the Year (9781509890323), Macmillan £18.99

There are also specifically seasonal volumes:

A Poem for Every Autumn Day (9781529045222), Macmillan £14.99

A Poem for Every Winter Day​ (9781529045253), Macmillan £14.99

A Poem for Every Spring Day (9781529045239), Macmillan £14.99

A Poem for Every Summer Day (9781529045246), Macmillan £14.99