Created: 24th October, 2019

The Perfect Sofa

Author: Fifi Kuo
Illustrator: Fifi Kuo
Publisher: Boxer Books


Learning to read



Penguin and Panda decide they need a new sofa so they go shopping. Each spread demonstrates delightfully what is wrong with each sofa they try. The size and shape of the font echoes the words of the minimal text, beginning with the most obvious adjectives and then going on to some surprising descriptions. The characterisation of the two friends is hilarious – look at Penguin’s expression when they try out the sofa that is too colourful! A more detailed picture in colours reminiscent of Van Gogh depicts the friends as they wend their way home. And do you think they did find the perfect sofa after all?

Also by Fifi Kuo: I Can Fly (9781912757619), Boxer Books, £6.99

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