Created: 14th August, 2015


Author: Mini Grey
Illustrator: Mini Grey
Publisher: Penguin

The opening spread of this picture book sets the scene for a tale of a mystery-solving mouse. Readers will enjoy returning to this picture of the houses in Offley Street and their inhabitants to search for clues about the whereabouts of various items including a missing teddy, a notebook and a priceless diamond bracelet.

This book demonstrates and depicts delightfully some real purposes for writing, from the notices people put on the street noticeboard to the letters Hermelin taps out on a typewriter he finds in the attic of number 33 to let people know where to find their lost things. Print of all kinds finds its way into the story – a newspaper report, an invitation, and a reference book in which Hermelin discovers to his chagrin why the Offley Street residents react as they do when they find out who has been helping them. However, there is one person who has understood his true worth...