Created: 14th August, 2015

Greek Myths

Author: Marcia Williams
Illustrator: Marcia Williams
Publisher: Walker

Many teachers have found this comic strip approach to Greek mythology has stimulated children’s own writing and led to further exploration of these important stories. The stories include ‘Orpheus and Eurydice’, ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’, ‘Perseus and the Gorgon’s Head’. In the ‘Twelve Tasks of Heracles’ the comic strip medium is shown to particular advantage – the tasks are described in the text and the way Heracles tackles them is shown in the pictures. In addition to reading other versions of these stories, it would also be possible to use this book as a starting point for exploring other graphic books.

Also: Marcia Williams: The Iliad and the Odyssey (9781406303483), Walker £7.99

Ann Turnbull: Greek Myths, illustrated by Sarah Young (9781406339383), Walker £14.99

Geraldine McCaughrean: Orchard Book of Greek Myths, illlustrated by Emma Chichester Clark (9781408324370), Orchard £14.99

Hugh Lupton: The Adventures of Odysseus (9781846864469), Barefoot Books £8.99