CLiPPA 2020 Postponement Announcement

A statement from CLPE

The CLiPPA (CLPE Poetry Award) is one of the highlights of the year for CLPE, a uniquely important part of our work to promote literacy. What’s more, thanks to support from our sponsors Arts Council England and ALCS, the backing of publishers, poetry organisations, poets, illustrators and our friends at the National Theatre, and the enthusiasm of schools and teachers, it has become the UK’s most high profile celebration of poetry for children. We are very aware of just how much schools value and enjoy the shadowing scheme and the opportunity to be involved, which is why the shadowing and the special ceremony at the National Theatre have become such a key part of CLiPPA.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to make changes to the announcement of the 2020 shortlist and the launch of this year’s shadowing.  Louise Johns-Shepherd, Chief Executive of the CLPE, explains: “Unlike most awards, the CLiPPA is very much a team project, bringing poets and their audience together to explore and celebrate poetry.  We want to wait therefore until children and teachers are back together in their classrooms before launching the 2020 award. By then too the National Theatre will be open again to host another rousing and inspirational CLiPPA award ceremony.

There’s one other equally important reason for our delay: Michael Rosen is chair of the 2020 judging panel and as most people know, Michael is currently ill with suspected coronavirus.  We wish him a full recovery and know that everyone will agree with our decision to wait before proceeding with this year’s CLiPPA.”

CLPE’s commitment to poetry is unchanged and there are a wealth of resources for schools to use on Poetryline.

For further information about the award and the shadowing scheme please see CLiPPA for further details.