Understanding the Reading Journey: Planning for Progression in Years 5-6 - Webinar

31st January, 2022 - 15:30 pm to 17:30 pm
Price: £50.00


Key Stage 2


This series of webinars will take participants through the CLPE Reading Scale, focussing on key attainment expectations for children at different ages and stages of development and will explore the practice and provision that will support children’s progress towards these goals

What will participants gain?

  • The knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding involved in becoming an Independent Reader.
  • What reading experiences should be provided in the curriculum?
  • What texts and teaching approaches best support these experiences?
  • Developing word recognition through contextualised teaching.
  • The knowledge, skills and understanding children will gain from these approaches.

All participants will also receive a free teaching plan for Running on Empty as well as a free Take 5 Home Learning Resource example. 

This session, focussed on progress and provision for Upper Key Stage 2, will focus on how to support pupils to take on more extended and challenging texts as well as tacking the wide range of reading demands that exist in the primary classroom.

Throughout the session we will:

  • Explore the kinds of texts and teaching approaches that can support teachers in focussing on key reading skills and strategies appropriate to Upper Key Stage two, such as enabling pupils to express critical thinking, engage in debate, discussion and book talk around character, themes, intertextuality and author intent.
  • Reflect on how to prepare pupils for the demands of the secondary curriculum, thinking about how to provide pupils with opportunities to read challenging texts beyond those that they might not self-select, as well as how shared and group reading sessions can demonstrate how to tackle the demands of a range of increasingly challenging reading material.
  • Consider teaching approaches that will support pupils to use metalanguage confidently in order to evaluate an author's use of language, structure and punctuation, to evaluate why these choices may have been and what impact they have on the reader.
  • Reflect on how a rich reading programme will nurture children’s increasing experience of literature, including high quality text choices in the reading area as well as meaningful and personalised recommendations based on wide ranging teacher knowledge of both classic and contemporary books.

Both presenters were very knowledgeable and provided detailed information on all resources available from CLPE. I loved the variety of books discussed in the webinar.

Teacher on Understanding the Reading Journey in Year 5 and 6, 2021

Inspiration and ideas on how to deliver the lessons in an way in which will grasp the children's imagination and support their learning.

Teacher on Understanding the Reading Journey in Years 5 and 6, 2021