Understanding the Reading Journey: Planning for Progression in the Early Years - Webinar

29th September, 2022 - 15:30 pm to 17:30 pm
Price: £50.00


Early Years

This series of webinars will take participants through the CLPE Reading Scale, focusing on key attainment expectations for children at different ages and stages of development and will explore the practice and provision that will support children’s progress towards these goals.

This session, focussed on progress and provision for the Early Years will focus on the foundations for reading, looking at the range of reading experiences that can be offered to children at this age and how these can be used to develop children’s ability to decode, word recognition and comprehension. All elements of the training are in line with the requirements of the new Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and the new Reading Framework.

What you will learn:

  • Knowledge of a range of quality texts that can support teachers to focus on key reading skills and strategies during reading aloud, shared reading, group reading, individual reading, independent reading and home/school reading, including how such texts can support the contextualised teaching of phonics and language development. 
  • Understanding of a range of creative teaching approaches designed to develop fluency, reader response and comprehension, extending children’s knowledge about and understanding of what has been read.
  • Confidence in how to select texts to meet the needs and interests of children in the Early Years and explore related activities that will support children’s learning across the provision, preparing them for the transition to Key Stage 1.

What will participants gain?

  • The knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding involved in becoming an Early Reader.
  • What reading experiences should be provided in the curriculum?
  • What texts and teaching approaches best support these experiences?
  •  Contextualised teaching of phonics and word recognition.
  • Approaches to develop fluency and comprehension.
  • The knowledge, skills and understanding children will gain from these approaches.

All participants will also receive a free teaching plan for On Sudden Hill as well as a free Take 5 Home Learning Resource example. 

This webinar is delivered via Zoom. Once you have secured your place, you will receive a confirmation email detailing how to join the session. Please ensure that you register well in advance of the event start. If you have any issues, please email webinar@clpe.org.uk

Very informative and excellent range of texts to back up how to support progression in reading. Good amount of interaction.

Teacher on Understanding the Reading Journey in EYFS, 2021