Teaching Phonics to support Reading and Writing in KS2 - Online Learning Session

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9th October, 2024 - 15:45 pm to 17:00 pm
Price: £60.00


Key Stage 2


Class Teacher

Subject Leader

This online learning session is recorded to support a teacher to access it on demand for 30 days from the release date. It provides rich opportunity for practical engagement and reflection which will support implementation in the classroom.

Build knowledge and understanding in how to teach phonics in the context of a rich reading curriculum to support early readers in Key Stage 2 to make progress.

What you will learn:

  • Build subject knowledge in the reading behaviours and common misconceptions of older early readers and how they can be supported to read with motivation, deeper comprehension, fluency and independence;
  • Develop understanding in how to teach phonics to older early readers in KS2 so that they use and apply this knowledge to make progress in their reading and writing;
  • Explore a range of high-quality, age-appropriate texts and evidence-based teaching approaches that enable older early readers to increase engagement and attainment in reading and writing.

All elements of the training are in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum.

What you will receive:

  • 30 day access to a recording of the online learning session.
  • a handout of the presentation slides.
  • free teaching notes to support immediate implementation in the classroom.

Online learning session price is per person.

Participants receive a pre-registration email three days before the release date with details on how to access the online learning session. If you need support, please email [email protected].

Why choose CLPE for your literacy training?

CLPE is a respected, trusted and innovative centre of excellence, its reputation established over its fifty-year history of training teachers in best practice that is rooted in ground-breaking research. Our responsiveness to trends and patterns in education means we are able to guide you in interpreting policy with integrity. Research will be shared from CLPE’s latest publication The Balancing Act: Teaching Phonics, Reading and Writing, written by Learning and Programme Director, Charlotte Hacking, in collaboration with Professor Dominic Wyse from University College London (Published June 2024).

CLPE online learning sessions can be delivered to a whole school, academy trust, teaching school alliance or consortium. Find out more about a group booking at Online INSET | Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (clpe.org.uk)

Full of practical and engaging ideas to bring phonic instruction to life for pupils in KS2.

Teacher on Teaching Phonics in KS2, 2023

The range of texts were matched thoughtfully to the strategies and phonics activities one could explore effectively within the context of that text

Teacher on Teaching Phonics in KS2, 2023

A great inclusive programme

Teacher on Teaching Phonics in KS2, 2023