Developing Historical Enquiry Around a High Quality Text: Vikings - Webinar

9th November, 2022 - 14:00 pm to 16:00 pm
Price: £60.00

Taught in collaboration with established children’s author, Tony Bradman, this webinar explores what it means to be historically literate and how to use historical fiction to develop a cross-curricular unit of work. Inspired by Tony Bradman’s Viking Boy and the associated historical era, this course will offer teaching approaches to support improved attainment in literacy and to teach history effectively.

What will participants gain?

This course will be delivered by one of CLPE’s expert teaching team alongside author Tony Bradman and has been designed to cover:

  • How to select and integrate high quality fiction into teaching history.
  • Critical reading skills and how to evaluate sources.
  • Incorporate creative teaching approaches to history.
  • Consider authentic approaches to writing in the classroom by engaging with an established author

Through a range of interactive activities, we will investigate how engagement with a high quality text can support children’s development within and beyond literacy; consider what progression in history might look like across the primary years and the approaches that will support children’s understanding of historical concepts; as well as how we can support children to engage critically with text, both fiction and non-fiction, and a variety of historical sources. In addition to the training, attendees will receive detailed planning for the core text related to this session

About Tony Bradman:

Tony Bradman has been involved in the world of children’s books for many years, as a writer of stories, poet, reviewer and editor. In recent years he has acted as lead author on a major OUP reading scheme (Project X) and written a lot of historical fiction - stories about Shakespeare, the first and second world wars, the stone age, and the Romans. He has won two Young Quills awards (from the Historical Association), one for Titanic: Death on the Water (written with his son Tom) in 2012, and one in 2018 for Anglo-Saxon Boy. His book Viking Boy is becoming an established resource for primary schools teaching the Vikings. November 2021 will see the release of his most recent book: Viking Boy: The Real Story which sees him return to the world of Gunnar this time from an engaging and thrilling non-fiction perspective. Tony has also edited many collections of short stories and poems, and is currently consulting on Voices, a series of historical novels for Scholastic which features books by authors such as Bali Rai, Leila Rasheed, Patrice Lawrence and Benjamin Zephaniah.


This webinar is delivered via Zoom. Once you have secured your place, you will receive a confirmation email detailing how to join the session. Please ensure that you register well in advance of the event start. If you have any issues, please email