Teaching Writing – one day, whole school INSET


This training day offers guidance on how develop inclusive literacy provision and key routines for writing in order to support children as developing writers across the Primary years.

It will strengthen practitioner knowledge of progression in writing and how to plan for an authentic writing process. It will demonstrate how a high quality text can inspire a wide range of writing opportunities and develop children’s knowledge, skills and stamina as writers.

Over the course of the day, we will explore the journey of development throughout the Early Years and Key Stage 1 and into Key Stage 2 using the CLPE Writing Scale and investigate how high quality children's literature can provide models and purposeful contexts for writing. The whole day focuses on develop practitioners' knowledge of how to support pupils to follow an authentic writing process, exemplified through a teaching sequence and looks at how to contextualise essential writing knowledge, including language and vocabulary, phonics, spelling and grammar.

As part of the training, your teachers will receive two teaching sequences detailing planning to support in the immediate implementation of ideas from the course and inspire writers in their own classrooms.

The training day will focus on the following key areas:

  • Understanding the writing journey
  • Why Quality Texts matter when teaching writing
  • Knowing and planning for your own writers
  • Working with a Quality Text to teach Early and Developing Writers
  • Working with a Quality Text to teach Fluent and Independent Writers
  • Providing purposeful and supportive contexts for writing
  • Contextualising the teaching of language, phonics, spelling and grammar

Individual schools wishing to partake in INSET days will have the option to select a date focused on this area. To book, please complete our booking enquiry form