Teaching Poetry — one day INSET

A CLiPPA shadowing performance on the stage at the National Theatre

This one day course will explore how poetry can be used in cross-curricular ways to engage children in reading and performing poetry, develop effective writing and raise engagement and attainment in reading and writing in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Through a range of engaging and interactive activities, we will investigate how well-chosen poetry and thoughtfully planned activities can increase children’s comprehension of language and engage children in deeper response in reading, as well as how poems can be used to develop children’s own use of language; inspiring them to write creatively and independently, with an understanding of how to write with a reader in mind.

What you will learn:

  • a wide knowledge of poets and poetry, building a progressive spine of poetry to use from EYFS to Year 6;
  • ways to engage children with a variety of poetic styles, forms and devices through a range of creative approaches;
  • strategies to incorporate poetry into the wider curriculum;
  • how poetry supports the development of language and vocabulary, reading fluency, comprehension and written composition;
  • ways to help children foster their own authentic voices through writing poetry, writing effectively to make impact on the reader.

What you will receive:

  • a handout of the presentation slides;
  • teaching plans and resources to support immediate implementation in the classroom;
  • a suggested spine of poetry texts to support schools in providing a range and breadth of poetry as children move through the Early Years and Primary phases.

Why choose CLPE for your literacy training?

CLPE is a respected, trusted and innovative centre of excellence, its reputation established over its fifty-year history of training teachers in best practice that is rooted in ground-breaking research. Our responsiveness to trends and patterns in education means we are able to guide you in interpreting policy with integrity.

This course draws on CLPE’s role as the National Centre for Poetry in Primary Schools, and our research projects including The Power of Poetry, The Big Amazing Poetry Project, Another Year with Poetry with patron Michael Rosen and our annual Centre for Literacy in Primary Poetry Award (CLiPPA) the only award that celebrates outstanding poetry published for children in the UK. The course will explore the importance of choosing and using poetry across the primary years to increase children’s motivation as independent readers and writers and to build their confidence in performing to an audience.


Individual schools wishing to partake in INSET days will have the option to select a date focused on this area. To book, please complete our booking enquiry form.