Planning the Curriculum Around a Quality Text - Years 3 and 4

13th June, 2022 - 10:00 am to 15:30 pm


Centre for Literacy in Primary Education
Webber Street
London SE1 8QW Map
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Enhance your knowledge and understanding of how to use high quality texts in Years 3 and 4 to develop literacy alongside specific knowledge and skills in other curriculum areas for a cohesive and enriched learning experience for all children.

This one day course will develop practitioner’s subject knowledge of how to build the Lower Key Stage 2 curriculum around quality texts, carefully chosen to link with other curriculum areas. Particular attention will be given to supporting the development of children’s language and critical thinking across the curriculum, sharing how knowledge gained from core texts in literacy sessions can support cross-curricular learning and how to enrich knowledge in other subject areas to develop a greater depth of understanding and response in reading and writing in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum.

What you will learn:

  • How to identify high quality texts and plan activities around them to support the development of subject related knowledge, language and vocabulary across curriculum areas in Years 3 and 4.
  • Ways to link high quality texts, reading and writing with multiple subjects across the curriculum for a cohesive and enriched learning experience.
  • How to enrich and expand children’s language using a range of creative approaches to link literacy with wider cross-curricular learning in Years 3 and 4 across a range of curriculum areas.
  • Activities and approaches to deepen children’s critical thinking and to develop learning in all areas of the classroom.
  • In depth creative teaching approaches to enhance higher order thinking to ensure progress and attainment for all children in reading, writing and spoken language across the curriculum.
  • How to enhance knowledge from other curriculum areas e.g. history and geography, by providing cross-curricular links with literacy.
  • How to plan a range of activities across the curriculum to support a greater depth of knowledge about reading and writing to support progress across Years 3 and 4.

What participants will receive? 

As well as a full day of training and lunch, all participants will receive a high quality children's book and detailed teaching plans for a half term of cross curricular learning around the text, including knowledge to support key curriculum areas to help put the strategies from the course into practice in the classroom.


Back in the classroom I will be able to give the children more opportunity to free write, be creative and to further become critical thinkers.

KS2 Teacher, 2018


The course has allowed me more freedom to approach texts in a non-linear and non-prescriptive way.

KS2 Teacher, 2018