Phonics in a Rich Reading Curriculum

25th May, 2022 - 10:00 am to 15:30 pm
29th June, 2022 - 10:00 am to 15:30 pm


Centre for Literacy in Primary Education
Webber Street
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Enhance your knowledge and understanding of how to support children's use and application of phonics skills into reading and writing, developing fluency and independence in all pupils. 

This 2 day training is designed to support you to develop subject knowledge in the teaching, use and application of phonics, whichever validated scheme your school has decided to use. This will include an overview of the core features of an effective systematic phonics programme and the associated subject knowledge, terminology and practice that runs across all validated schemes. 

All elements of the training are in line with the requirements of the new Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, the new Reading Framework and National Curriculum requirements.

What you will learn:

This 2 day course has been designed by our team of expert teachers to build and develop knowledge and understanding, and will cover:

  • Understanding how reading and writing develop in the EYFS and KS1;
  • Improving subject knowledge in the teaching of early reading and writing;
  • Developing knowledge and understanding of progression in phonics, from early phonological awareness to reading and spelling fluency;
  • Planning a systematic approach to the teaching of phonics across Early Years and Key Stage 1, supporting children to become independent readers and writers;
  • Developing knowledge of how to teach the basic phonic code and the core skills of segmenting and blending for reading and writing;
  • Developing understanding of the complex code and how to teach alternative representations of graphemes and pronunciations of phonemes;
  • Analysing children's reading and understanding how to identify needs and plan for progression;
  • Exploring a wide range of high quality literature to support early readers of all ages and the vital role this plays in supporting progression in reading; 
  • Understanding how to develop activities which allow children to use and apply phonic skills as part of a rich reading and writing experience.

What participants will receive:

As well as 2 full days training, all participants will receive a resource pack designed to help put the strategies from the course into practice across Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. The pack includes carefully selected high quality texts, sample long term planning outlining a systematic approach to the teaching of phonics, two detailed planning sequences to use in the classroom and research publications to support ongoing development of subject knowledge.  


Very helpful course with excellent resources - it has really helped me gain an understanding of how children can learn literacy and what to expect from them at different ages.

Teacher, 2019


An inspiring and thoroughly enjoyable course. A very common sense and practical approach which I enjoyed. I loved the range of texts and the different ways they could be used. 

Teacher, 2019