Meeting the Needs of More Able Pupils in Years 5 and 6

28th November, 2022 - 10:00 am to 15:30 pm


Centre for Literacy in Primary Education
Webber Street
London SE1 8QW Map
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Enhance your knowledge and understanding of how to identify more able readers and writers in Upper KS2 and support their development and progression as they transition into KS3. 

Run in partnership with the English and Media Centre, this course looks at how knowledge and skills can be developed to stretch and challenge more able students, and equips teachers on how best to prepare and guide pupils to read and write beyond age-related expectations and prepare them for the demands of the secondary English curriculum.

What you will learn:

Led by experts across primary and secondary teaching, the day’s highly practical and text-rich session will cover:

  • How to identify what a more able reader and writer looks like.
  • How to support reading and writing progression in Year 5 and 6.
  • A deeper understanding of the relationship between writer and the reader, and a range of classroom ideas to help pupils ‘read with a writer’s eye’ and ‘write with a reader’s eye’.
  • Greater confidence in identifying high-quality texts to boost higher-order thinking and in planning a range of activities around them to support a greater depth of understanding in reading and writing.
  • What to look out for when selecting texts to promote higher order thinking skills.
  • How to encourage critical thinking and encourage children to write with a reader in mind.
  • How to plan a range of exploratory activities to develop comprehension and understanding of authorial voice, and how to incorporate these into a text-based sequence of work.
  • A range of strategies to support progress beyond KS2 into KS3.

What participants will receive:

As well as research-led insights from the CLPE and English and Media Centre, all participants will receive a high quality text and detailed planning to support the immediate implementation of the day’s training back in the classroom.  


Thank you for an inspiring and motivating course. Great CPD! 

Teacher, 2021


It was brilliant! Gave me the confidence in delivering ways to motivate pupils to generate ideas and collaborate with their peers.

Teacher, 2021


Lots of excellent advice, lots of practical activities and plenty of useful discussion.

Teacher, 2021


Really useful thinking about the link for KS2 to KS3

Teacher, 2021