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The Soup Movement by Ben Davis

Jordan is in remission from cancer and his parents decide to move away from the city to Pondstead, a place they believe will have a healthier environment, much to the initial disgust of Jordan and his older sister Abi, a social media queen who is determined to be an influencer. When Jordan gives away the nourishing soup his mother has made to Harry, a homeless man surviving in a tent in the park, it starts a whole chain of events leading to ‘The Soup Movement’. Alternating with Jordan’s narration of the story are excerpts from his ‘Hospital Blog’ which explains how he met a girl called Rio who convinces him that doing ‘mitzvahs’ or kind deeds is a way to change the world.

A novel which challenges thinking around social justice, specifically homelessness and food waste. However, it’s far from being purely an issues-driven book. It’s a good story with a cast of empathetic characters told with humour by an engaging central protagonist.


Oxford University Press 9780192749239