Early Phonological Awareness through Rhyme and Song with Steve Grocott

23/05/2019 - 10:00am to 3:30pm

Singing songs, reciting chants and rhymes and following beats and rhythms play an essential role in laying the foundation for reading readiness and the success of systematic phonics teaching. This fun and highly practical day, led by early years music specialist Steve Grocott, will develop children’s early phonological awareness. Steve will also share a range of high quality texts that help children to develop an ear for rhythm and rhyme, as well as traditional nursery rhymes and songs.

The day will boost participants ability and confidence in all their musical activities, build a better repertoire of songs and musical skills for use with 3-6’s and show how music can be used to help achieve Early Years outcomes.

Teachers will gain:

• Ideas for practical activities designed to boost participants ability and confidence in all their musical activities
• Insights into the links between early music making and the acquisition of language backed by research
• Simple ideas for what to do with instruments that will make a big difference to sessions
• A carefully selected teacher publication to facilitate implementation

About Steve Grocott

Steve is an early years music expert and experienced workshop leader. He is able to combine his wide inside knowledge of nursery and primary school teaching with the approach of a performer and composer in a way that is genuinely useful to the teachers and early years practitioners who have attended his courses. The emphasis is on providing practical material for non music specialists that they will enjoy doing with their children. Find out more on his website

"Thank you Steve, I’m not afraid to sing anymore. I think my class will be ‘jamming’ regularly!"

Teacher, 2016

"Poetry, nursery rhymes, nonsense verse, tongue-twisters, music and dance should be central features of an appropriate early years curriculum, as should talking and listening."

Marian Whitehead in Beard R: Rhyme, Reading and Writing
Webber Street
United Kingdom
  • Pupil Premium Funding
  • Lunch Included
  • Includes Resources