The Power of a Rich Reading Classroom
Created: 14th June, 2021

The Power of a Rich Reading Classroom

The journey that children take as they travel towards becoming a competent and confident reader can be a long, winding and complex road. This book is built on the work and research that CLPE has done over the last fifty years and brings together well founded research, classroom based enquiry and practical advice. The book is authored by all of the staff at CLPE and has a Foreword by CLPE Patron Aidan Chambers.

It is structured to support teachers as they build their understanding of how to build a quality reading rich curriculum that supports the needs of all the children in their classroom.

Starting with a section on choosing texts, the book goes on to explore a variety of essential teaching approaches from a read aloud programme, to drama and storytelling, art and illustration. This is a practical resource that provides teachers and schools ideas to support the embedding of text experience and deliver a reading rich curriculum that leads to higher student attainment and working at greater depth.

The book is published by Sage and can be purchased from Sage or any other retailer.

Participants on our English Subject Leaders course receive a copy of the book as part of the course.

Our webinar series 'The Power of a Rich Reading Classroom' unpicks specific elements of literacy learning to support schools to introduce a rich literacy curriculum in their classrooms.


The Power of a Rich Reading Classroom