POP news story 2021
Created: 15th September, 2021

Power of Pictures Research Evaluation Report by RSA/EEF 2021

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CLPE's the Power of Pictures was selected for evaluation using a randomised control trial by the RSA/EEF (Royal Society of Arts and Education Endowment Foundation) as part of their Learning About Culture programme to investigate the impact of arts-based learning on academic outcomes.  The research into the Power of  Pictures programme in schools revealed progress in outcomes for literacy in all children who took part in the project and evidence of a link between creativity and drawing and writing.

Over 7,000 children and 318 schools across the UK took part in the Power of Pictures in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England, involving award-winning illustrators including Chris Haughton, Viviane Schwarz, Alexis Deacon, Tim Hopgood, Mini Grey, Ed Vere and Ken Wilson-Max. Picture books on the programme included: Croc and Bird, Is there a dog in this book?, Ssh! We Have a Plan, Grandad’s Island and Wild.

Key outcomes from the evaluation:

  • Pupils who received the Power of Pictures programme had, on average, higher writing scores (equivalent to one month of additional progress) as compared to children in the control group.
  • Among children eligible for free school meals (FSM), those in schools that PoP was delivered in also made one additional month’s progress.
  • Children in PoP schools had higher writing self-efficacy (equivalent to two months additional progress) and writing creativity (ideation) scores than those from schools in which the programme was not taught.
  • The visual element of this programme attracted learners who traditionally have difficulties engaging in literacy activities.
  • Teachers reported high levels of engagement with the programme not only from the pupils and themselves, but also from the senior leadership teams at their schools.

Teachers involved reported not only better outcomes, increased writing and reading skills and children who were really excited about learning, but also that teachers felt more confident and happier. Teachers reported pupils increased confidence in expressing and understanding and a willingness to challenge ideas through the work with picture books and illustrators. They also saw an increase in vocabulary and language and developing deeper comprehension skills.

Read the full report from the RSA/EEF here.

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