Whole-to-part Phonics

Whole-to-part Phonics

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A widespread view of learning to read sees it, in its early stages at least, as a straightforward process of matching speech sounds to the sounds of letters and running the sounds together to make words. But this view of how children best learn to tackle print does not take into account interesting recent work on the importance of phonological awareness in learning to read, the role of analogy in that learning, the value of onset-rime approaches in considering how children analyse written words and the place of learning to write and spell in learning to read.

This book summarises evidence about how children learn to use grapho-phonic cues in reading. It suggests a range of practical teaching approaches which will promote this learning and support “word level” work in the classroom.

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Author: Henrietta Dombey, Margaret Moustafa and CLPE staff
ISBN: 1-872267-13-0