Developing Media Literacy

Developing Media Literacy

“They are brilliant – detailed but not too prescriptive. Very supportive for anyone who has not taught film language before”
Becky Parry, Lecturer in Childhood Studies, University of Leeds

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A complete guide to media literacy in the primary classroom, this practical resource is ideal for teachers seeking to enrich their KS2 literacy curriculum with relevant and engaging media activities in a ‘real world’ context.

The resource consists of six sequential but self-contained schemes of work that draw on children’s existing experiences of a lively range of texts and topics, including TV advertising, short film, the representation of celebrities, news and public information campaigns.

Developing Media Literacy is resourced by detailed step-by-step teacher guidance, adaptable PowerPoints and activity sheets, and extensive video clips of a teacher working with his class on moving-image activities. 
• Offers full CPD support for an entire media literacy curriculum – a course in a resource!
• Close reading, questioning, and hands-on production skills, allowing children to become meaning-makers and media producers.
• Interactive and flexible resources which are easy to navigate and adapt for your own classroom.
• A focus on collaborative, problem-solving and comparative skills, questioning, talk and group work. Order this publication.