Boys and Writing

Boys & Writing
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The gender gap between girls and boys in literacy is greatest in relation to writing. Girls regularly achieve more highly than boys in NC English Assessments, but breaking down the KS2 data reveals a difference of 15% between girls and boys reaching level 4 in writing. However this national pattern obscures major differences between individual schools – in some schools boys do just as well as girls. How do some teachers manage to create a classroom climate where boys succeed in literacy? And how can teachers best support boys who are unwilling to write, or who find writing difficult?

The core of the book is a group of articles by teachers from a CLPE project on Boys and Writing. There are also chapters by well-known writers in this field, including Eve Bearne, Lynda Graham and Gemma Moss. The book contributes positively to the debate on what constitutes effective practice in helping boys to write.

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Edited By: Myra Barrs and Sue Pidgeon
ISBN: 1872267262