Family Learning

Family Learning

Our Family Learning course, Parents as Partners in Early Learning (PPEL), is designed to strengthen home-school partnerships and support the growth of a positive reading culture at school and in the home. The course aim to increase parental confidence and involvement in their child’s learning especially for those who require support with their own literacy and language skills.

Promotional materials can be provided to aid recruitment to the course. As a standard feature of this course, participating parents will receive a quality children’s book and resource pack to complement each session. Formative feedback is taken throughout and informs a summative impact report that is produced at the end of each course.

The PPEL programme is a practical early language development course for parents who have English as an additional language as well as parents who may have low levels of confidence in literacy. In each session time is dedicated to sharing experiences, reading a children’s book together, making resources to play with and talking about ways to share the books at home. Parents will participate in highly interactive workshops that will support them to:

  • Explore strategies for developing talk and play at home
  • Make links between stories and their experiences
  • Enjoy and experience the value of sharing books
  • Create interactive resources inspired by quality texts that draw on their own language, culture and identity to share with their children at home.

Email us or phone 020 7401 3382/3 for more information or to book.