Let's Write! Improving Reading and Writing Using Poetry

11/03/2020 - 10:00am to 3:30pm

This one day course, led by professional poet and author, A.F. Harrold and CLPE's Charlotte Hacking, will explore how poetry can be used in cross-curricular ways to engage children, develop effective writing and boost attainment in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum.

What you will learn:

This highly immersive and practical day focusses on:

  • How to support teachers develop a wide knowledge of poets and poetry
  • How to engage children with a variety of poetic styles and forms through a range of creative approaches
  • Helping pupils respond to texts and develop deeper levels of inference when reading
  • How to use poetry to develop and extend vocabulary and comprehension of language across the curriculum
  • How to help children foster their own authentic voices through writing poetry
  • How to support children to write effectively to make impact on the reader

What will participants receive?

All participants will gain expert insights from the CLPE’s Power of Poetry research project, as well as receive a copy of A.F. Harrold's poetry collection, Things You Find in a Poet's Beard to help with the immediate implementation of the day’s training in their own classrooms.

Learning Outcomes:

Through a cross-curricular focus on poetry for all primary year groups, teachers will:

  • Gain greater confidence in planning a range of practical activities to develop children’s creative writing in the classroom
  • Develop strategies to incorporate poetry into the wider curriculum
  • Learn how to develop and extend children’s understanding and use of vocabulary through poetry.
44 Webber Street
United Kingdom
  • Lunch Included
  • Includes Resources
  • CLPE Reading and Writing Scales