Inspiring Writing KS2 - Bradford

10/06/2020 - 10:00am to 3:30pm

If you are interested in this training, please email [email protected]

This one day Inspiring Writing course focuses on KS2 and the crucial knowledge and skills children need to develop for writing at this point in their learning. In line with the requirements of the National Curriculum, this course will support teachers to boost their children’s developed skillsets to inspire confident pieces of work that the children will enjoy creating.

Who should attend?

KS2 Teachers or Leaders and English Subject Leaders

What you will learn:

This course has been specially tailored to the needs of Key Stage 2 learners by our expert teaching team, and covers the following key areas:

  • How to choose and use texts to enrich vocabulary and inspire opportunities for writing.
  • How to increase children’s independence as writers.
  • Help children to understand how to use language and grammar for effect on a reader and be able to make meaningful choices around purpose, audience and form.
  • How to increase choice, voice and motivation as writers among your children.
  • Ideas for tasks that allow children to apply their knowledge of writing and appropriate register across a range of genres, based on a quality text.

What participants will receive? 

All of our writing courses include one high-quality text with associated detailed planning to allow teachers to implement the course ideas and strategies immediately in the classroom.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants will strengthen their knowledge of how to support children to be mature and independent writers. Teachers will leave this course feeling confident to build children’s skills throughout KS2 so they are able to write confidently and creatively, helping them develop the skills needed for the transition to secondary school and to write at greater depth.


“The whole day will influence me in the classroom – from display ideas, time saving ideas to organisational ideas – great!” 

Teacher on Inspiring Writing KS2, 2019

"Inspires the teacher, inspires the class. The BEST course I have been on."

Teacher on Inspiring Writing course 2019

"Teaching them to develop as writers involves teaching them to enhance the effectiveness of what they write as well as increasing their competence. Pupils should continue to have opportunities to write for a range of real purposes and audiences as part of their work across the curriculum."

National Curriculum
Miriam Lord Primary Community Primary School
Bavaria Place
United Kingdom
  • Lunch Included
  • Includes Resources