Excellence in Literacy for NQTs: Phonics and Spelling

10/03/2021 - 10:00am to 3:30pm

This specialist one day course is the second session of our four day course Excellence in Literacy for NQTs, and has a focus on phonics and spelling. The course is highly practical and investigates ways to use a text-based approach to plan well-chosen activities that support children’s progress in these areas through the use of high-quality children’s literature.

What you will learn

Phonics is a key component of reading that early readers of all ages need experience of to support their journey into fluency. The day will ensure you leave with a firm knowledge and understanding of early phonological awareness that precedes teaching the basic and complex phonic codes, how to support children to blend phonemes together to support word reading and how to segment words into constituent phonemes in order to spell.

The day’s training will naturally lead from phonics into spelling, sharing the complexities of English orthography and addressing how to support children in becoming increasingly accurate in their spelling choices. You will learn the rules and patterns of the English spelling system so you can support children effectively from the offset. The blend of research-led training and tried-and-tested classroom strategies, all centred around high quality texts, will ensure you have a holistic understanding of why and how to teach phonics and spelling effectively.

What participants will receive?

All participants will receive a high-quality text with detailed planning to support immediate implementation back in the classroom.

Learning Outcomes

During the day, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop subject knowledge in what early reading looks like and how to support progress.
  • Explore the importance of developing phonological awareness to raise attainment in reading.
  • Look at the role high quality texts play in vocabulary acquisition and the role of reading in supporting phonics and later success in spelling.
  • Explore creative and multisensory ways to teach phonics and spelling through a rich reading curriculum.
  • Investigate activities to support explicit teaching of spelling rules and patterns beyond phonics.

Book our face-to-face courses with full confidence that they will be run within government guidelines on health and safety and social distancing.  Like everyone, we are having to review the situation with regards to Covid-19 regularly. If government guidance changes then we will work with you to ensure that we can deliver an alternative that meets your needs and that gives your school the training you need. 

Webber Street
United Kingdom
  • Lunch Included