Working with Authors and Illustrators - Teaching Approach

A visit from an author can seem like a big investment but, if done right, can be an incredibly valuable learning experience for the children, enhancing and extending ideas around writing in your school.

Having the opportunity to see and learn from a professional writer’s practice can be aspirational for children as writers and help them to see the process of writing from a new and exciting perspective. Authors can bring a greater level of depth to learning about authentic writing processes, working as writer-educators, sharing practice from the perspective of a practicing expert. 

When planning an author visit, it is important that schools and settings ensure they have good contact with the author before their visit, discussing what would fit with current classroom work and what would be welcome as learning for the children. it is important that this is a collaborative process so that the visit is part of a planned programme of learning rather than being something of a ‘strange interruption’.

The guidance in CLPE's document Making Author Visits Effective, draws on experiences of authors and schools involved in the Power of Pictures project and suggests ideas for best practice in this area.