Following an authentic writing process - Teaching Approach

Following an authentic model for writing in the classroom allows students to feel what it is like to be a writer. It is so much more than simply ‘doing’ writing tasks.

Following an authentic process results in well-developed pieces of writing; pupils follow a truly creative process and have the impetus to write for themselves.

The core focus of an authentic writing process is on giving pupils a credible opportunity to develop their own voice, have a choice about what they want to say and how they say it and the chance to write with freedom.

The model was developed in partnership with authors, illustrators and poets to describe the steps a practicing writer goes through so that this process can then be used in the classroom.

Each circle represents a different part of the writing process. A writer will often work through each of the parts in sequence but the continuous line between each small circle aims to show how a writer will often have to go back and forth through the steps as work is developed over time and the writing progresses from ideation to publication.

At its centre the model shows that a classroom needs to work as a community of writers; a place where the writer identity of all pupils is fostered, developed and celebrated. Communities of writers explore why and how we write. 

In a classroom the teacher adopts the dual positions of a teacher who is an active and practiced writer and a writer who teaches the craft of writing.

In a purposeful writing community, pupils and adults work together to support each other to develop, reflect on and celebrate writing.

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