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The CLPE’s Power of Pictures research finds that giving children the opportunity to explore their creativity through art and supporting them to learn through picturebooks, has a direct and positive impact on children’s literacy.

The key findings of the Power of Pictures research are:
• Children who are given opportunities to read and respond to picturebooks throughout their primary years learn about sophisticated narrative structure, plot and character development in an accessible way.
• Children benefit from the opportunities, time and space to form their ideas prior to and during writing.
• When children are given opportunities to draw as part of the writing process this helps them to formulate, develop and extend ideas for writing; making their independent, self-initiated writing richer.
• A focus on reading illustration helps to develop children’s deeper comprehension skills, allowing them additional opportunities to infer, deduce, think critically and empathise.
• Writing is a creative process and rough and draft work are essential to producing quality outcomes.
• When the teaching of creative writing mirrors the process used by professional writers children can produce extended and independent writing beyond a level they currently experience.