Books and Teaching Sequences

The Power of Pictures teaching sequences illustrate how to read picturebooks in the classroom, exploring how words and illustrations combine to tell a story and to share the creative processes a published writer goes through to create a narrative in words and pictures.

Each book chosen for inclusion in the project has three teaching sequences attached to it, to show how this process can be differentiated to use across a school, from EYFS to Year 6 creating a community of readers and writers exploring and writing together. 

Each sequence lasts for approximately 4 weeks and is broken down into 2 weeks of studying a focus picturebook and 2 weeks for children to work on their own published writing. The final 2 weeks guide children through a clear model for the teaching of writing that allows them to be supported as independent writers in a way that is built around the real processes of practicing writers.

The process leads them from ideation before beginning writing, through providing opportunities for reading, thinking, discussing, drawing and note making before embarking on the creation of a text.  Plenty of opportunity is built in for genuine reflection and feedback on the content of the writing before the piece is finally published as an authentic picturebook.



By Alexis Deacon 

Here Comes Frankie

By Tim Hopgood.


By Viviane Schwarz


By Chris Haughton

The Story Machine.jpg

By Tom McLaughlin

Wild by Emily Hughes

By Emily Hughes

Learn about the craft of picturebook making in developing children as readers and writers with a greater depth of understanding about the writing process.