Our partners and supporters

The Power of Pictures Project would not have been possible without the support of a huge number of artists, schools, publishers and organisations.

Our first thanks must go to the Arts Council England for their funding of the research phase of the project, which has also allowed us to create the legacy of resources that will enable the project work, resources and findings to be widely available as a free web-based resource.

Huge thanks must go to all the authors and illustrators who have helped to develop and shape the project and who have taught on the course days. Every single one of them has given a huge wealth of time, expertise and knowledge, which has enabled the project to become such a success: Ed Vere, Chris Haughton, David Lucas, Viviane Schwarz, Alexis Deacon, Tom McLaughlinBenji DaviesMini Grey, Tim Hopgood and Emily Hughes.

We must also thank the publishers, whose charitable donations of books have helped teachers put the project into action in their schools and who have granted permissions for images from their texts to be used in the making of the website video resources: Penguin Random House (inc. Red Fox and Hutchinson), Walker Books, Andersen Press, Bloomsbury Publishing and Simon and Schuster.

Chris Bradley and Andy Guthrie of Willowmann Productions have worked over and above all our expectations in producing the video resources for the website. Their enthusiasm for and dedication to the project has been profound and the time they have invested has resulted in the valuable collection of videos available on the website.

Sue Horner and Janet White have provided a wealth of expertise and time in their role as project evaluators. Their diligence and experience has really helped us to shape the project to deliver the best possible outcomes for impact on children’s reading and writing.

And finally, thanks must also go to the 112 schools who have been involved in the action research phase of the project over the last two years. They are too numerous to name individually but their support, both on the course days and back in school, has enabled us to trial ideas, research impact and gain the evidence needed to develop the project and construct the initial findings.