About the Power of Pictures

What is the Power of Pictures?
The Power of Pictures is a project devised by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE).  The project began in 2013 when CLPE’s Charlotte Hacking and author Ed Vere put together a course for teachers designed to help teachers use picture books, understand the process that goes into developing a picture book and develop meaningful relationships between authors and schools.

Across the course of two and a half days, teachers learn about the craft of picturebook making by working directly with a published children's author/illustrator and teacher trainer. To begin each course, CLPE teaching staff and each author-illustrator team-teach a whole day session for 20 teachers, looking at the author’s work. They investigate the writer’s creative process, analyse their images, and explore the relationship between picture and text. The teachers are given teaching sequences and a copy of the book in their hands and are shown during the first day how to implement this immediately in their classrooms to enable them to focus on developing children's creative writing. At the end of the first day, teachers are invited to consider how they will disseminate the work more widely in their schools.

On returning to school they are asked to deliver the teaching sequence in their literacy lessons and collect evidence of children's work and analyse the impact on their children's engagement and attainment. When back at school teachers can draw upon a wealth of online resources and filmed interviews with the author-illustrators as well as teaching sequences for all key stages and examples of practice from other schools accessible via this website.

Teachers return for a second training day following the children’s author visit and they receive further training from the author and the teacher trainer on developing character and shaping their own narrative, focussed on the interplay between words and pictures. The author supports the teachers to understand their role as an author, their own creative processes and leads activities that support their understanding of the processes involved in creating a picturebook. The Teachers finish by creating spreads for their own picturebook and, having done this to reflect on implications for classroom practice in their own settings.  They are then tasked with implementing the programme in its fullest sense and teaching each pupil to create their own picture book. 

Teachers return for a follow-up workshop six weeks later, during which they share their experiences, the outcomes of their work and the impact of the work on the children in their class. They evaluate the key learning and successes of the work and look at how this could make impact on their overall curriculum in the long term. 

Access to to the resources on the Power of Pictures website is free to all schools and can therefore extend children’s learning by showing and studying the work of other illustrators as well as disseminating the practice and ideas across the school and building key approaches into other areas of the curriculum to enhance learning.

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